Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Start; New Post; Lets get started! Part 1 of 4

Since I promised to write about how some of the events that have happened have changed our business and our perspective. This will be a multiple post effort. While, I wish I could craft the words into one clear and concise blog for all of our fans, but I am not that good. So here is the plan, I am going to break this revival blog into four parts.
  • Introduction Blog discussing our plan, goal, and motivation
  • The first blog will be about our gear and the various locations which someone could be shooting at. I will be discussing the growth from a equipment perspective. Highlighting the brands and devices that have been serving me well.
  • The second part of this three part series will discuss customers. How customers have been attracted to us. What marketing we have been using to help get our name out there.
  • The final part of this series will about contracts and the growth from a bran new photographer three years ago to a photographer now who is doing more photography work that he ever has before
SO why are we doing this? Isn't this crazy talking about all this stuff? Who is going to listen to the ramblings of some crazy photographer?

Well the plan is to hopefully portray the hard work and effort put into being a photographer. Additionally, the incredible, sensational, rewarding feeling we get back from doing our job well. Our customers become our family. While this is a business it is also a special bond that develops between customers and photographer. Having the blessing of being welcomed into any number of crazy, memorable, and personal memories.

"If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given." Eve Arnold

One World United Photos set out with one mission. While it is a lofty mission it is something that with today's modern technology can be possible. We want to unite the world through photography. Open up the eyes of people everywhere. Hopefully they can see the beauty that exist.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where has the time gone!!

It is 2013, the Mayan Zombie Apocalypse has not happened. One World united Photos LLC is moving along. We have had a blessing with our business as we progress and grow. We have had more weddings this year then every before. We had our first Inauguration Ball. Our out look is bright! Stay tuned for more of this exciting news. We won't leave you high and dry again.

Start off by taking a look at our events gallery at our website. Check out the latest. We have been doing it all. You can visit the Events Gallery here

Below is a sample of one of the beautiful cakes at a Wedding we did recently. The next post will be about how the recent events have truly change me as a photographer, business man, and human been.

See you then!