Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Matt and Heather Engagement Photos

This past weekend we had a awesome time!  I had a wonderful engagement photo shoot as well as an adventure in Elk County PA.

Matt and Heather are both out doors types.  Taking their fair share of game each hunting season.  So what better way to start an adventure together then with something they already enjoy.  We traveled up to Elk County PA to capture their engagement photos.  We  ventured fourth picking places that would we thought would look good.  The light not always being perfect so we would adjust and tinker with the camera settings.  Adjust till we had just the perfect amount.  But lets not forget the other fun part of this shoot.  We where in the middle of the wild with wild Elk all around.  Matt had his cow call and this caused a whole lot of bugling going on.  Male Elk answered the call from the left of us to the right of us.  It grew in intensity.  We traveled into the brush and opened up into a huge prairie. The distance held a herd of elk just grazing and enjoying the fine weather.  Before we knew it there was a bull elk not far from us.  Its massive rack and huge body strutted with confidence.  We called it closer and closer before we lost our edge and retreated back to the saftey of the tree line on the side of the ridge.

Over all it was a pretty incredible weekend full of great shots and great laughs. Please see our other recent post to view some photos from the trip.

If interested in having an adventure engagement shoot contact us we would love to help out.


Bull Elk in Rut

This guy got with in 100 yards or so of us in the Matt and Heather engagement photos session

Peekaboo I see you!

Matt and Heather hiding from a bull elk trying to get us or just trying to play hide in seek!

Elk Ridge Lodge

Visitors center in Elk County

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What is photography?

So, someone complimented me the other day on being a good photographer. It was not some random kind soul that I have never met before but someone that is close to me.  We got into a discussion about what is it to be good and what is worth saying or not saying. I rather not be told good job, rather I would like to hear what the image does to you.

For example I have a photo of a plant. This plant is growing and crawling fourth, so what would a image like that remind you of?  Great you like the photo but I am interested in why.  My ego is big enough I don't need to hear how you think it is awesome and great.  I want to hear how it moves you.  Does it make you cry or long for some person you have left behind.  Will it bring a smile to your face because it reminds you of the sun shining and warming your face on some great holiday?

Don't get me wrong I love the kindness that many show me and my art/craft. I guess at the end of it I am greedy or nosy.  I want to know how things move you. Often times folks state that well we are not like you.  we can't express our emotions like you.  Then in the next sentence they are using their memories as the example of how to describe a scenario. Those memories are drawn from emotions you are not so much remembering the scene that happen rather remembering the sensations that you had while going through it.

What do you guys think?

Green balls of awesomness!!!!!!

What does this photo do for you?

Tell me what it reminds you of or what it makes you think of.