Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rugby, life, cinco de mayo, and other stuff!

Hey Folks!!!

Well it is Cinco De Mayo,  I am sitting here blaring ranchero music, and rocking the evening.  It has been a pretty insane couple of weeks.  It is the end of the 15's rugby season and the start of the 7's season.  Spring is turning into summer and the cold gives way to the warm embrace of the summer eve's.  Firefly's light the skies and the dreams to wonder what possibilities exist under the endless stary nights.

So what is first!  Lets Talk Rugby!!!!! Love it!  So the Nova Men made it to the playoffs.  We travelled to Boston with 22 men.  While it was a gritty no holds fight, we where unable to pull it off in the end.  Our season unfortunately ended more abruptly then we had hoped.  Somethings I must mention is unfortunately I was away form the team and game for this past season because I am trying to increase business.  Nova in the end improved on alot of fronts.  Our Forwards where damaging to all of our foes.  Our Backs where putting in the work.  Alittle bit more cohesiveness and we will be where we want to be. 

Next, the Nova Women  ended their season playing at home against New Haven.  The women have a different season rotation.  So the ending of their season was just fun!  The women put in the work and showed why they are the best in the country.

To all Nova folks current, old, men, women, and future members Glad to hav eyou part of the nation of NOVA!~

Post to be continued!.... stay tuned!