Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pt 2 Saint Louis!!!!! - One World United Photos LLC

So know I left everyone waiting anxiously for the tale to continue.

So we are in Saint Louis taking photos.  So that is the business end of the deal.  I got to explore the arch and the historical parts of Saint Louis.  The Arch is something incredible.  This structure is massive, I am pretty sure King Kong and Godzilla can dance underneath of it together.  After spending some time here at the arch I went through and checked out the historical court house just a walk away from the Arch.  This building holds tons of tails as you walk through the humble, but awe inspiring building.
It is humbling to see the the creativity of man mirrored by the idea of order maintained at any cost.

The rest of the trip was discovering some great places to eat.  I will admit I stole these off of travel channel.  They both appeared in Man Vs. Food  the humble Pappy's Smokehouse and Crown Candies.

Pappy's Smokehouse( is the place to be for BBQ.  I ordered the Big Ben which is a whopping meal of chicken, ribs, pulled pork and your choice of sides.  Each table has a variety of bbq sauces available for you to try.  If you like ribs, anything pulled, and chicken this place won't let you down.  Fortunately, if you have trouble deciding what to get there are friendly faces everywhere to help you dive through all the BBQ heaven options.

The next place I had the awesome pleasure visiting was Crown Candies(  Here we had the excellent server Ashnique.  Her smile lit up the room.  The menu was vast so in the end we asked her to help with our decisions.  She created some of the most incredible and delicious Malt Shakes known to man kind.  Ashnique offered to continue my tour of St. Louis, but unfortunately I did not copy down the number correctly :( every time I tried to call it was no good!

Over all the trip was pretty incredible.  Anyone looking for a nice time, good food, and great people head over to Saint Louis.  It is a destination not many folks think of, but the weather was great.  The town is full of character.  It will be a place I am sure to go back to.


Monday, April 11, 2011

WOWziers - brought to you by One World United Photos LLC pt. 1

Hello All,

It has been a few months since my last update, so I figured I would let you have it!

Just a timeline of events since the last post.  I have conquered tax season, acquired a new camera body(canon 7D yay me), now in ST. Louis Gateway to the west living the dream.

So the major challenges of owning your business is to make sure the IRS does not knock at your door.  I just have to say that while it seems odd and perhaps in the future I should move on, but currently I use H and R Block to do my taxes.  Not only have they been incredible, but the service they provide and the ability to answer any questions I have our out of this world!  Taxes - conquered.

Next, I have a wedding vow renewal ceremony coming up.  I am really excited about it.  This couple is pretty spectacular.  I am really honored they have given me the privlege.  I of course gave them the disclaimer I am not a normal wedding photographer.  They where comfortable with that.  Also, let me just throw in the cavet that I was late to our meeting.  I got lost and tried to call them to clear up the instructions.  Unfortunately, I google the address and was able to deduce what the name of the church was.  Made it and did my inspection.  The job will be tough, small space and not the best lighting.  Fortunately between my new 7d and the hours upon hours of practice I will be able to produce quality shots for them.  I kind of enjoy that challenge.  Also, we will have the rehersal which is the day before.  So I will get all the bugs out of the system by then.

Finally,  the big ending!  I am in St. Louis  I am here on a shooting adventure of sorts.  I will focus mainly on the time spent with my Mother and step dad out here.  My step dad is a photographer.  He has been in the business for sometime now.  Fortunately with his guidance I have been able to see some rare beauties that St. Louis Has to offer.  Check out all of Mark's goodies at . We started out adventure with a trip over the Missippi over to Illionis.  We visit the most incredible bar in the world.  The name is Fast Eddies( The bar is come as you are no bull shit type of service.  If you have a tie you are over dressed, and if you have a bad attitude then stay the heck out. This place has babes to booze and all the ridiculousness that comes with it.  Next, a slightly less wild, but even perhaps more spectacular place is the Butterfly house.  I have always enjoyed nature.  This house is another example of how great it really can be.  They have over 1200 butterflies and months a day in this place.  All breeds, models, and makes coexist in the contained habitat.  It is one giant experiment.  Every morning they release from their breeding growns all the butterflies or moths that have escaped from their cacoons.  Really neat place :)

Stay tooned tomorrow for Pappy's Smokehouse and Crown Candies!  Much more to come in tomorrows addition.  Stay tune, stay strong, and keep moving forward.

Cheers for tonight from St. Louis!