Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tax Time - One World United Photos LLC

So Taxes, why would any one want to blog about taxes.  I am actually just want to talk about how exciting it is to have taxes for your own company.  Things these days are changing so quickly.  With the ability to transfer images across the web.  The ability to influences people simple lines of text and pictures from across the world truly something magical.  In this ever changing world though, one thing remainds the same - taxes.  Taxes help fund the world or we hope that this ideal exist.  Folks hate paying them.  Looking at your w-2 you are always wondering why do I have to pay so much.  Then everyone flips complete now it is tax time how much do I get in my return!!! 

It seems that with every evil comes a truth.  So this year what are you gonna get with your tax return.  Will I take my return and put it back into the business.  Will I pay off my car.  Will I donate it to some charity.  Regardless the exciting part is waiting to see how much you get back.. It is like a xmas gift you have waited for begrudgingly.

So I suppose what I am getting at today is this, I own my own business.  My customers, models, landscapes, everything that makes that possible, Thanks!  Thanks for giving me the ability to do this and to experince this.  Nothing else like it in the world!!!!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Myrtle Beach - One World United Photos LLC

So this weekend we are in Myrtle Beach.  It is the middle of January and I am in a vacation resort town... What am I thinking?  Well other then the extraordinarily cheap price of 5 star accommodations, and the no waiting in lines or dealing with folks that are on vacation, I am enjoying myself.  I am down here taking photos of a store, and advising on remodeling that store.  This Store is called Out Of Africa.  Now don't get me wrong this is not someone hiring me this is a family business.  The family that happens to own this store is within my family.  It is a great time to come and take photos of a town that is practically a ghost town during the winter.  Any one that is familiar with jersey shore or Virginia beach, or any number of other places can recognize the ghost town that they turn into.

The photos on this trip have been of the erie silent landscape type.  Sand blowing so hard that you think you are in a desert.  Or wind so biter that it's very bite cuts into your soul.  May be being alittle bit overly dramatic, but the point is that the scene is here for some very dramatic photos.  Now finding the right spot and exploring all the unknowns could take a life time.  How do I do this in just a two night stay down here.  Basically I came with no strategy.  Not my normal MO or I travel with other photographers (Aaron Snider or Amanda Snider) who have been to or researched the place we are going to.

SO this trip what do I hope to accomplish some scouting.  If I can find some places that will make a good shoot then I will be back.  My family owns busineses here.  So that is my hope.  Right now it is going well.  It has been amazing weekend. I have gotten some ok shots. Stay tuned and visit One World United Photos LLC to stay up to date on all the latest photos.