Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Logo Contest!!!!

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Here is the deal.  I am creating a new logo for marketing/social networking - like the one here in this facebook group.  Then creating a Logo that will be the face of One World United Photos LLC.

Elements I would like in the logos.  Unity, Simplicity, and an animal with characteristics that allow it to stand out.  Example of unity would be a logo like the united nations globe with olive branches surrounding it.  Simplicity would be reflected in colors and font.  Finally the animal that stands out most to me is the Mountain Gorilla.

Technical requirements:

Large Logo 615 x 161 pixels size under 25kb
Small Logo 200 x 25 pixels size - smaller the better

I would like the website logo to have these attributes.  The Social/marketing Logo will be dumbed down some.  The logos are different competitions.  Folks can send in submissions for both contest.


First Place - free 8 x 10 photo of your print technique choice
Second Place - 50% off photo of your choice
Third Place - 25% off photo of your choice

The Logo Winner will have their Logo posted on the website and group as the new face of 

If people are interested please get back to me by the 1st of December.  Once I know how many people are taking part I will set the date for the final logos to be submitted.  Then those logos will be posted in a gallery at for voting.  Voting will be open for two weeks.

Cheers and Good Luck!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Weekend in Photos from One World United Photos LLC

Hey all, great time of year!!! It is fall, winter about to come.  You wake in the morning and see your breath, nothing better!!!!!  So this past weekend was chalked full of exciting things.  Along with the continuous updates and improvements to, we also had a exciting photo shoot this weekend.

Two photo shoots occured this past weekend.  The first shoot was for Nova Rugby.  We are gathering a roster to publish out at  The shoot went well.  Got half the team completed.  Will be getting the rest up.  Just want to say that a huge shout out goes to Eric Devine.  He is spear heading the Nova Rugby website and doing a brilliant job with it.

The second shoot was in the Shenandoah National Park.  I went Saturday and arrived with the sunrise to start collecting photos of probably the best season of all time, Fall.  The day was brilliant.  Weather always being a key contributor to the success of the day and the photos played along nicely.  The morning sun really brought out all the colors of the trees along the drive. Something about nature is always awe inspiring.  Only negative thing to happen was the car we where driving broke down, on top of a mountain, in the middle of no where.  Fortunately we met a incredible couple who stuck it out with us during the whole ordeal.  The experince really reminds me personally of how great people can be.  People together can really accomplish incredible things.

So, please check out the photos you can search for the Shenandoah park at Http:// and visit the photos from the roster at


Monday, November 1, 2010

One World United Photos LLC - Trip to PA

Hello All,

This past weekend was a exciting time.  It was one of my dear friends weddings.  It happen to be in one of the greatest cities there is.  Pittsburgh PA - Home of the Steelers, Pimanti brothers, and a whole city of history.  I took this chance to get some great shots of fall through out PA. 

The lessons learned on this trip is that there is no place like home.  When traveling through PA, I enjoyed the fresh mountain air and the endless stars dotting the heavens above.  Sunday I took a trip through Pittsburgh on my way back towards DC.  The buildings never cease to amaze me.  The various structures mixed with the architecture of this city is well thought out. 

The trip back through the mountains down the turnpike brought some crazy feelings and emotions.  Reminded me of my freshmen year at Cal U.  I traveled through those mountain passes of the turnpike often.  Each time I travel along that corridor it amazes me how beautiful it is.  This time of year always adds to the canvas that natures paints upon.  Crazy colors of yellows, oranges, and I believe reds dot the landscape.  Often amazes me how this was made and how great the earth truly is.

After finishing the trip down the turnpike I went to my house in Fort Loudon, PA.  I visited a place upon a mountain where the Audubon Society Member. They use this place to track the migrations of birds flying through out the mountains.  This gentleman's name is Bob.  He has stood at top of the mountain with howling winds focusing on his task of documenting the birds.  I did not know that this practice continued.  The last person I knew of it was Charles Birghtbill.  Man who inspired many with his practices, stories, and beliefs.  I stood chatted with Bob for a time.  I pointed out birds on the horizon, taking photos of the landscape, and making small talk.   I enjoyed the company, asking questions about the birds in the area, other places to come and take photos. It reminded me why home is truly so great.

I took my leave of Bob as he sat on his sentry post, watching faithfully for any new birds to the area.  I next traveled to the Fort of Fort Loudon.  A wooden structure built to represent the Fort of the past.  This fort represented the only protection back in the day from British or Indians.  This spot is placed upon the Conococheague Creek.  I walked through these fields for a time thinking about the future and life.  I thought about old friends I missed as well as new friends that could not enjoy this time and place.  I think some of the photos I took here of the creek are some of the best on this trip.

Final place I visited was Bear Valley.  A park located not far from Fort Loudon.  It was amazing to see the sun trickle through the trees as you travel through this valley.  It is a different land as you drive deeper into these woods and eventually lose all trace of people.  I kept seeing birds I did not recognize, or flash flood damage blocking up the small stream.  This is the place I dream of.  Walking through the woods, breathing in the air, seeing the animals.  It is a peice of heaven.

Finishing up the day I returned home to the house.  I brought in firewood and stoked the fire that my mom banked for the day.  We made dinner, warmed the dinner plates on the wood stove.  Ate around a table in the living room.  Often walking outside just to remember where I am.  The sky had stars shining above, smell of wood burning from the stove. 

Times we remember are often the simple ones with the biggest impact.  It makes you feel at home yet longing for something more.

Please come check out the photos from the trip.  One World United Photos LLC