Monday, September 13, 2010

One World United LLC - Friendship

Hey all it has been a few months now. OWUPhotos has been moving along nicely.  Main focus has been to gain marketing opportunities and to grow as a brand name in the area.  The reason I am labeling this friendship is because at the end of the day that is what it comes down to.  I suppose a cold corporate word for it would be Networking.  So who networks?  Well that is a big question with a easy answer.  Everything...  We can break it down to plants, animals, or minerals.  They all are networked together in a complex web that make up some pretty awesome things.  Alright so every one is probably thinking Shaun, you going off another 4 hours of sleep a night kick or what you are going crazy and how does this deal with photography?  Again simple answer, Everything!!!

If we look at people we are all familiar with six degree of separation, or at least look it up.  The concept is that every body knows every one by six degrees.  Well with photography, and no matter what your discipline is you rely on other things to be successful.  One can go around and snap shots or search out targets and sit for hours waiting for that perfect bird with perfect light to come along.  Then snap off 100 shots and delete all but may be one, but in the end decide not to post it because you did not get the flow of the feathers on the bird just right.  Well with out friendship you could not be on that land or know about the migration of that bird, or have the ability to rely upon the fact that those birds will flock together in a unit. 

Now Lets tie it all together, photography is the singular approach or attempt to show friendship, networking, and unity in all of it's forms.  I owe everything I know about photography to my friend Aaron.  Hell, I owe him alot more then that.  Here at One World United Photos LLC I really want to show or provide that feeling to our customers, photographers, and our friends.  Please come visit us.  We want your comments.  We want your thoughts.  We want your friendship. 

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