Monday, July 26, 2010

One World United LLC - Craziness

Hey all,  I am back from the beach. The ideal summer get away.  Photos all ways have amazed me.  I have had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful beach, sun, and everything else you can picture at the beach.  I had a traveling partner in this adventure.  Her name is Amanda.  She shares a passion of shooting pictures.  together we traveled up and down the Delaware shore looking at the sun set.  Birds and boats flocking all about us.  The experience was incredible.  We chased pony's, birds, and landscapes all up and down the coast. 
I was fortunate to have a great place right on the bay.  The birds greet you every morning.  The sunset greets you every night.  People smile and say hello as they pass along.  Small town living at it's best.  Life was hard waking up early to go chase photos.  It appears that the Horse shoe crab was on the move.  Everywhere we could see the coupling of horse shoe crabs.  They where living it up in warm water great sun and all the horse shoe companionship you could ask for!

Bethany Beach is abundant with wild life.  There is a huge amount of wildlife everywhere.  The ocean and the bay make an amazing combination of animals that live in salt,fresh, and brackish water.  How to see that and experience that all at one time.  That is the stuff you can't pay for.  You can only try and experience it by traveling and going after those sites.

I feel like I am rambling, but this experience was incredible.  From a friendship building experience as well as exploring this beautiful country side.  Come check out One World United Photos LLC

Thursday, July 8, 2010

One World United Photos LLC - Cape Fear Tournament

Hey all, Just wanted to write about a Rugby Tournament i went to this past weekend.  I must admit it was probably just shy of the best weekend ever!!!  Great time.  I went down with my rugby team.  Nova rugby.  You can check out photos on my site.  It is a featured gallery at

The tournament was massive.  It had two international teams and tons of other folks from every place.  This was a rugby sevens tournament.  Nova represent with four teams.  Two out of our four teams won the divisions.

The players and their dedication always make a great shoot.  They allow for amazing action shots that make the ooo's and aaaa's of any spectators sport pretty great. 

I wanted to mention how incredible the beach was and the place we where staying at.  I was fortunate to stay with my team mates.  While I was not playing sevens with them I was there to support any way possible.  it is something pretty incredible two see our teams come together.  That is the spirit of the sport.  Sportsmanship and teammates make the world go round!

The photos have been pretty incredible.  I took over two thousand photos.  I could not stop it was really crazy how great the light and the folks where.  Over all Amazing weekend.

Come check out the photos and let me know what you think!!!