Sunday, June 27, 2010

One World United Photos LLC

So this weekend has been pretty great.  I have been blessed lately to get alot of rugby shots.  Always a favorite of mine.  I have also been fortunate to go out and get some country shots of Loudon County VA.

Lets talk about rugby first.  Last weekend was the Nova Battlefield sevens tournament.  Lots of great teams from all around the east coast.  Nova ended up winning alot during this tournament.  We continue to improve and play at the top of our game.  Truly some blessed players.  Nova mens ended up putting one team in the premier and fielded two other teams.  Nova women fielded almost five teams.  While Nova Highschool went in to win it.  The only divison we did not win was the Mens open.  Over all a really great day.  We are on to Cape Fear in Wilmington NC for the fourth weekend.  Should be something pretty incredible.

Next this weekend I was blessed. I was able to get a personal tour through Loudon county.  It is beautiful country side much the same as my home of PA.  Great country, great mountains, great people.  It was pretty incredible day.

Come out to the website. to see the new photos.  Look forward to seeing you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One World United Photos LLC ROAR!!!

Folks, we are LLC.  We have photos, we have products.  I am creating the discount coupons for everyone.  Come check us out it is going well.

It is so odd finally having a real company.  I am now owner and manager of a LLC.  That is something I never have thought of.  The end of the day big world going on.  I hope to capture some of it for you.

CHEERS Let me know what you think of the site and the photos.  Heck purchase some photos ;)