Sunday, May 9, 2010

One World United Updates!`

Hey boys and Girls!!! lots happening, Now I know we always say that, but it is the truth.  We have updated our navigation bar at  We have also updated the about us section.  We will be introducing a new sports gallery to include action shots from various sports.

Other exciting news is that I put in for my LLC privileges today.  Approxmaitly in 15 days or so I will be recieving all of the paper work and then I will be an offical company.  It is a brand new world full of exiting stuff.

Recent photo adventures include going to the Washington National Zoo.  I went with my dear friend Aaron Snider.  We went on a gorgeous Sunday.  We went early morning in hope of capturing the animals being active before the hot noon sun started to bear down upon them.  It was a great day with alot of really good shots.

The new lenses are working out great!!!  It was funny I got a 70-200mm lense.  I have only had it out twice to use once was for the NOVA vs New Haven round 1 of 32 play off match for the national championship.  Then the other time I used it was at the zoo.  Well Stupid me I forgot/did not relize, or just plan did not know that I could zoom in!!!! Imagen my excitement once Aaron pointed it out.  it is great to be humble, it is great to have knowledgeable friends,  it is just great to be blessed.

Well that is enough rambling for me today, but come by One World United Photos and check out the photos.  We wil be waiting!!