Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One World United Photos

Hello all, lots of exciting things have been happening.  It has been hard for me to write about them all.  Lets start with I have new Lenses! Yay!!! I got a telephoto lens and a Macro lens.  Both are pretty incredible.  If you go check out the photos you can see the quality of photograph that is the product of these fine fine items.

So with the great excitement i have developed a problem, well other then being married to my camera, which makes all social events slightly awkward for everyone else.  The problem is that i am so caught up trying to take photos, I have a hard time trying to decide which lens to use.  I take all three of my lenses with me just because I can't have one left out.  So what do you do?  Well I don't know.  I tend to find myself juggling three camera lenses and most likely ending up losing the shot I was going after.  What do other folks do?  I think I will have to correct my problem by just saying I am going out for these shots today.  Carry all my lenses just in case, but only keep one cocked and ready to rock.

The really awesome thing is that with photography from the taking of the shot to the post production it is so awesome.  There are many small things that can be tweaked.  Now I am sitting here trying to start a business selling photo prints (here comes the plug) I am selling them at One World United Photos .  So now I have to start to think ok well these shots I am taking are great, but what makes a shot that some one would want to buy a print of.  I have come up with a whole list of things that make something I would want on my wall, but what do you want?  That is the question.  i am up for suggestions.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Come Visit us!!!