Sunday, March 21, 2010

One World United Photos

Hey All,

It has been alittle bit of time since my last post, but I wanted to talk about my weekend last week.  It was in celebration of Saint Patrick's day.  I was in inner harbor running a 5k race.  It was an amazing day.  We where worried because of the rain, but it turned out to be an amazing day!  My mentor and best friend Aaron Snider was there.  He graciously shot the photos while me and the other folks ran the race.  I had my friends come down from pa to run in the race.  It was a great day.  The shot to the right is a picture Aaron took while waiting to see us run by.

 So then after the race we decided to hit up the aquarium.  It as a great great time there as well.  We managed to see dolphins being trained.  Jelly fish that can kill you and a huge array of fishes and other animals.  It was pretty awesome place.  The Baltimore Aquarium has always been a fav. place of mine.

Jelly Fish Invasion

Lion Fish

Saturday, March 13, 2010

One World United Photos

How is everyone doing?  Really Exciting things happening over here at One World United Photos. 

I just wanted to run down a list of all the things that are happening:

Currently searching for a website ideas. 
Working on redesigning the photo section.  I would like to make this easier for everyone to view and order prints.

We have currently entered into a affiliation program.  This program will allow me to make revenue off of purchases of various photo guides that I post.

Finally, we are now on Twitter!!! You can follow everything going on at our twitter page.

New Photo Projects coming up:  This weekend we are going to Baltimore.  It is the Saint Pats day 5k race.  I hope to capture some photos of inner harbor, and the Saint Pats day activities.

Stay Tuned!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One World United Photos

So something amazing about a camera is that you never truly see the world around you till you look at it on the final picture.  Since I have gotten my lens and started taking pictures, the world has taken a whole different turn.  I have become more passionate about rugby(I play for Nova a D1 Team, next best thing to playing for USA).  I have grown to totally appreciate all the small businesses and the folks out there making it happen.  I have grown with my camera and because of my camera. 

My biggest/hardest thing for me so far is to work on taking casual portraits.  I cannot define for myself what the difference is between taking a picture of a person and violating their space.  Perfect example is when I am on the metro and just looking around me I see all these people.  Their faces tell a story, that no book could ever depict.  I want to capture that, but then those folks may not appreciate that or want me to do that.  So where is the fine line?  I think it is a question that each photographer has to ask him self what he/she feels is acceptable.

Another issue I have been working on is how to market my photos.  I have had folks that want to buy them, but I am not sure what the best forum is to sell them.  Should i go out and buy some prefabbed website and look ghetto in a flashy way.  I always thought that if you can't make it you should not display it.  Which is easy to say, and tough to do.  I have been developing very basic websites for a while, but this one ( I have huge hopes for.  I have been researching various methods that will allow me to sell my photos.  I want to also provide a experince to the consumer that allows them to feel like they are contributing by purchasing my prints.  With that I think I will offer a percentage of the profit to a non profit organization.  I would like it to revolve around the Green Way of life.  Green includes wildlife conservation, developments in alternate energy, and providing food/water/housing for people around the planet.  I want to allow the consumer to pick their non profit organization with their purchase.

I have had all these ideas.  The help of my brother in law and sisters support have really help me see a clear picture.  There really is a whole world out there helping you to make it happen.

Come Check it out and watch us grow and develop at One World United Photos

Saturday, March 6, 2010

One World United Photos

So it has been a few days since my last little talk about shooting pictures, but I wanted to post something today.  I went to the National Botanical Gardens last weekend.  It is a beautiful place. I suggest every one to go to it.  I was a bit intimated about the travel to the place, because I have never been there.  But none should fear I have confidence that even the most directionally challenged can make it to this place easily.  All you have to do is go out to the website  find the suggested metro stop that works for you and then go.  If you get lost who cares because it is right beside the capital building and the mall. Two of the greatest places to shoot photos any way.

So back to the topic, the neatest thing other then all of the crazy hybrid orchids and what not was all the photographers.  Folks from using phones to using really expensive macro cameras to just folks with normal digital photographs.  Now why was this neat, well there you are in a building of people doing the same thing you are doing, but none of the jockeying for your spot.  Every inch of this place was packed with such incredible plants that everyone had a shot they could just spend probably an hour tweaking their settings to get various effects of.  This place had it all as well.  Location set up for Jungle, desert, and then the orchid area.  I mean this place truly was a site to hold.  Apparently they hold classes as well for you to go to.  Most are free, but they do have some pricey ones.  You would have to judge for your self what your price range is, but I think some of them would really be worth wild.

So if anyone is looking for a nice day trip, I highly suggest the National Botanical Gardens down on the mall.   Great place for the whole family.  Tons of information if you are there to learn or if you just want to take pictures it is a nice place to go.  Now be warned I have heard it can be extremely packed, I happen to go on a Sunday morning and it was not to bad.  It opens at 10 and closes at 5, so it will not take up your whole day because they will kick you out. 

Over all great place.  I will be adding this to the list of photo sites on the website.  One World United Photos

Monday, March 1, 2010

One World United Photos

So The last adventure I was talking about was Boiling springs in PA. It really is a great little town. Go there shoot pictures get a slice of pizza from down the street. Historically it is great like most of the little towns of PA that I am familiar with it comes with a past. It has been around for many years and has seen many presidents come and go. Any one looking for a neat time I would suggest looking it up. You can go out to my photography locations page at One World United Photos and give it a peak.

So after this trip i hit a dry spell. A combination of work and getting ready for the rugby season and over all just busy with life. Seeing the Girlfriend often and all that other jazz that comes along with being a productive contribution to society. But I was getting restless with my shots. I would often go out every night and take shots of anything I could find. Bags in trees, christmas lights in my dinning room, or even a glowing ornament that my sister got me. I hunt it from a light and swung that sucker around like crazy. it created Eire images floating through the dark.

It is kind of crazy what a mind will do when trying to be creative.  So many options just laying around your place.  My buddy Aaron got me hooked on the idea of shooting pictures one night when we where at his place. Relaxing chit chatting about old times, and the prospect of new events coming shortly.  Then we took two beer caps and started shooting pictures on his stove.  Something so simple turned out to be great test of what a lens can do and how to execute it in different type of light.  How shadow can effect the shot and how with a prime lens you have to move forward and backward.  We went over the differences between Prim lens and Zoom lens.  The difference in the various functions of the camera.  Boy let me tell you my head was spinning, this camera is like a freaking gateway... like (beware dork about to emerge) it was the freakin stargate.  SO many options and my tiny special educated brain was trying to cope with all of them. I am not sure how long that night we spent, but Bruce"the king" Springsteen and the Big man where blaring in the background.  Those are the kind of times a camera was made for though. To capture those thoughts that our graying minds will someday just forget about.

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