Saturday, February 27, 2010

One World United Photos

When trying to decide where to shoot and what to shoot is always a challenge. When you are a guy with a lens, a camera and a limited budget it becomes even harder.  So I went along with the idea of start small and go from there.  Relying totally on the ideas of my buddy who got me into photography we decided to go to Boiling Springs in PA.  This is a hot spring lake that birds flock to during the winter.  It is a warm oasis from the bone chilling cold of central PA.  I was fortunate enough to be able to use my buddies lens.  A 75-300mm lens.  Great for zooming in and getting a close up of the birds. 

The day was freezing, it was probably about 10 degrees but have to get that shot.  We had to coax the birds out of the water with gifts of food.  It was really entertaining seeing the birds flock for the free food.  All of the birds jockeying for the best food. then almost on queue the the birds would return to the water.
Over all the day was pretty amazing.  Lots of really good shots and the fowl.  Great company great time and great shots.  It is pretty amazing what a camera can do for everyone.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

One World United Photos Cont.

So, I just got my camera body had to order my lens.  I start off the night i got my new lens.  It is dark and all I have are the house hold items.  While I look around holding my camera I giddy like a little girl.  First thing I think of is practicing capturing fire, and playing with the light from my indoor lights.

Next, I was thinking why not take shots of my elephant bank.  I go turn on the lights try and practice.  I was playing around with the different settings that exist on the camera ya know the ones on the dial past the pictures.  Changing the settings like shutter speed, light, and api.

I worked with any object I could find.  Using the different light sources in my home.  Adjusting a little here, or there.  Just enough to see the lines blur or the image become lighter or darker by adjusting the api or shutter speed.

Finally, start getting use to how the camera operates and a couple weekends up in PA with my buddy, to soak up all the knowledge and tips I can get.  I borrow a few books from him and read up on that.  I start googling like a mad man trying to find any thing dealing with taking pictures.  The next task is getting out and taking pictures!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One World United Photos

Hello,  my name is Shaun.  I live in Falls Church, VA.  I am pretty new to taking pictures that people want to buy.  I recently purchased my first serious camera, a Canon EOS 40D w/ a 50mm 1.8 lense.

I became involved in photography because of my best friend, he has been taking pictures for years.  His captures are amazing, and I have followed in his shadow for a while.  When he decided to upgrade his camera he offered to sell his camera body.  I jumped at this chance.  The ability to take photos and show the world how I see it was something I always wanted to do.  Not that my point of view is any good, but it is unique enough that a person or two could probably have an interesting conversation for a few hours about.  With the thoughts of photo grandeur on the way, I set out to purchase a lens.  If you have never researched lens, then you may not understand the massive world of knowledge that exist out there.  I was finally able to decide on a good basic lens that every photographer should have.  Canon's 50m 1.8 lens was the winner.

Now I have new lens new camera, time to start taking shots.  I practice with the lens and the camera to figure out what all the little gadgets, settings, and features would do.  It is all rather exciting each time you go to take a shot.  The excitement of finding out what you have finally captured.  So the adventure begins.

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