Monday, December 27, 2010

the Holidays

Happy Holidays from One World United Photos LLC.  This season is always like a dream.  Amazing time filled with great people and incredible gifts.  Many of those gifts come from the simple to the most complex items imaginable!!!

This season I just want to say thanks to my family, friends, and fans of One World United Photos LLC.  We have been working hard on making quality photos and quality items and quality services for all the fans of this company.  While we are offering a product line that can be customized with your photos, we also have been bringing new photos, and developing new services just to better the lives of those around us.  We can now offer in house portrait sessions.  If you have photos you like and want to be displayed then you can send us your photos or hire us to take the photos and we can then post them on our website.  You can choose from our wide selection of merchandise to have your photo printed on.  Finally we are always looking for new photo shoots and new ways to display what we see every day.  All advice is great, all help is appreciated, and all people are welcome.

Please stay warm during this season and remember to always try and better the lives of those around you.  United we stand and put out some awesome photos!!!!

Cheers all!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Logo Contest!!!!

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Here is the deal.  I am creating a new logo for marketing/social networking - like the one here in this facebook group.  Then creating a Logo that will be the face of One World United Photos LLC.

Elements I would like in the logos.  Unity, Simplicity, and an animal with characteristics that allow it to stand out.  Example of unity would be a logo like the united nations globe with olive branches surrounding it.  Simplicity would be reflected in colors and font.  Finally the animal that stands out most to me is the Mountain Gorilla.

Technical requirements:

Large Logo 615 x 161 pixels size under 25kb
Small Logo 200 x 25 pixels size - smaller the better

I would like the website logo to have these attributes.  The Social/marketing Logo will be dumbed down some.  The logos are different competitions.  Folks can send in submissions for both contest.


First Place - free 8 x 10 photo of your print technique choice
Second Place - 50% off photo of your choice
Third Place - 25% off photo of your choice

The Logo Winner will have their Logo posted on the website and group as the new face of 

If people are interested please get back to me by the 1st of December.  Once I know how many people are taking part I will set the date for the final logos to be submitted.  Then those logos will be posted in a gallery at for voting.  Voting will be open for two weeks.

Cheers and Good Luck!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Weekend in Photos from One World United Photos LLC

Hey all, great time of year!!! It is fall, winter about to come.  You wake in the morning and see your breath, nothing better!!!!!  So this past weekend was chalked full of exciting things.  Along with the continuous updates and improvements to, we also had a exciting photo shoot this weekend.

Two photo shoots occured this past weekend.  The first shoot was for Nova Rugby.  We are gathering a roster to publish out at  The shoot went well.  Got half the team completed.  Will be getting the rest up.  Just want to say that a huge shout out goes to Eric Devine.  He is spear heading the Nova Rugby website and doing a brilliant job with it.

The second shoot was in the Shenandoah National Park.  I went Saturday and arrived with the sunrise to start collecting photos of probably the best season of all time, Fall.  The day was brilliant.  Weather always being a key contributor to the success of the day and the photos played along nicely.  The morning sun really brought out all the colors of the trees along the drive. Something about nature is always awe inspiring.  Only negative thing to happen was the car we where driving broke down, on top of a mountain, in the middle of no where.  Fortunately we met a incredible couple who stuck it out with us during the whole ordeal.  The experince really reminds me personally of how great people can be.  People together can really accomplish incredible things.

So, please check out the photos you can search for the Shenandoah park at Http:// and visit the photos from the roster at


Monday, November 1, 2010

One World United Photos LLC - Trip to PA

Hello All,

This past weekend was a exciting time.  It was one of my dear friends weddings.  It happen to be in one of the greatest cities there is.  Pittsburgh PA - Home of the Steelers, Pimanti brothers, and a whole city of history.  I took this chance to get some great shots of fall through out PA. 

The lessons learned on this trip is that there is no place like home.  When traveling through PA, I enjoyed the fresh mountain air and the endless stars dotting the heavens above.  Sunday I took a trip through Pittsburgh on my way back towards DC.  The buildings never cease to amaze me.  The various structures mixed with the architecture of this city is well thought out. 

The trip back through the mountains down the turnpike brought some crazy feelings and emotions.  Reminded me of my freshmen year at Cal U.  I traveled through those mountain passes of the turnpike often.  Each time I travel along that corridor it amazes me how beautiful it is.  This time of year always adds to the canvas that natures paints upon.  Crazy colors of yellows, oranges, and I believe reds dot the landscape.  Often amazes me how this was made and how great the earth truly is.

After finishing the trip down the turnpike I went to my house in Fort Loudon, PA.  I visited a place upon a mountain where the Audubon Society Member. They use this place to track the migrations of birds flying through out the mountains.  This gentleman's name is Bob.  He has stood at top of the mountain with howling winds focusing on his task of documenting the birds.  I did not know that this practice continued.  The last person I knew of it was Charles Birghtbill.  Man who inspired many with his practices, stories, and beliefs.  I stood chatted with Bob for a time.  I pointed out birds on the horizon, taking photos of the landscape, and making small talk.   I enjoyed the company, asking questions about the birds in the area, other places to come and take photos. It reminded me why home is truly so great.

I took my leave of Bob as he sat on his sentry post, watching faithfully for any new birds to the area.  I next traveled to the Fort of Fort Loudon.  A wooden structure built to represent the Fort of the past.  This fort represented the only protection back in the day from British or Indians.  This spot is placed upon the Conococheague Creek.  I walked through these fields for a time thinking about the future and life.  I thought about old friends I missed as well as new friends that could not enjoy this time and place.  I think some of the photos I took here of the creek are some of the best on this trip.

Final place I visited was Bear Valley.  A park located not far from Fort Loudon.  It was amazing to see the sun trickle through the trees as you travel through this valley.  It is a different land as you drive deeper into these woods and eventually lose all trace of people.  I kept seeing birds I did not recognize, or flash flood damage blocking up the small stream.  This is the place I dream of.  Walking through the woods, breathing in the air, seeing the animals.  It is a peice of heaven.

Finishing up the day I returned home to the house.  I brought in firewood and stoked the fire that my mom banked for the day.  We made dinner, warmed the dinner plates on the wood stove.  Ate around a table in the living room.  Often walking outside just to remember where I am.  The sky had stars shining above, smell of wood burning from the stove. 

Times we remember are often the simple ones with the biggest impact.  It makes you feel at home yet longing for something more.

Please come check out the photos from the trip.  One World United Photos LLC

Monday, September 13, 2010

One World United LLC - Friendship

Hey all it has been a few months now. OWUPhotos has been moving along nicely.  Main focus has been to gain marketing opportunities and to grow as a brand name in the area.  The reason I am labeling this friendship is because at the end of the day that is what it comes down to.  I suppose a cold corporate word for it would be Networking.  So who networks?  Well that is a big question with a easy answer.  Everything...  We can break it down to plants, animals, or minerals.  They all are networked together in a complex web that make up some pretty awesome things.  Alright so every one is probably thinking Shaun, you going off another 4 hours of sleep a night kick or what you are going crazy and how does this deal with photography?  Again simple answer, Everything!!!

If we look at people we are all familiar with six degree of separation, or at least look it up.  The concept is that every body knows every one by six degrees.  Well with photography, and no matter what your discipline is you rely on other things to be successful.  One can go around and snap shots or search out targets and sit for hours waiting for that perfect bird with perfect light to come along.  Then snap off 100 shots and delete all but may be one, but in the end decide not to post it because you did not get the flow of the feathers on the bird just right.  Well with out friendship you could not be on that land or know about the migration of that bird, or have the ability to rely upon the fact that those birds will flock together in a unit. 

Now Lets tie it all together, photography is the singular approach or attempt to show friendship, networking, and unity in all of it's forms.  I owe everything I know about photography to my friend Aaron.  Hell, I owe him alot more then that.  Here at One World United Photos LLC I really want to show or provide that feeling to our customers, photographers, and our friends.  Please come visit us.  We want your comments.  We want your thoughts.  We want your friendship. 

One World United Photos LLC Home to everything you want to see.

Monday, July 26, 2010

One World United LLC - Craziness

Hey all,  I am back from the beach. The ideal summer get away.  Photos all ways have amazed me.  I have had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful beach, sun, and everything else you can picture at the beach.  I had a traveling partner in this adventure.  Her name is Amanda.  She shares a passion of shooting pictures.  together we traveled up and down the Delaware shore looking at the sun set.  Birds and boats flocking all about us.  The experience was incredible.  We chased pony's, birds, and landscapes all up and down the coast. 
I was fortunate to have a great place right on the bay.  The birds greet you every morning.  The sunset greets you every night.  People smile and say hello as they pass along.  Small town living at it's best.  Life was hard waking up early to go chase photos.  It appears that the Horse shoe crab was on the move.  Everywhere we could see the coupling of horse shoe crabs.  They where living it up in warm water great sun and all the horse shoe companionship you could ask for!

Bethany Beach is abundant with wild life.  There is a huge amount of wildlife everywhere.  The ocean and the bay make an amazing combination of animals that live in salt,fresh, and brackish water.  How to see that and experience that all at one time.  That is the stuff you can't pay for.  You can only try and experience it by traveling and going after those sites.

I feel like I am rambling, but this experience was incredible.  From a friendship building experience as well as exploring this beautiful country side.  Come check out One World United Photos LLC

Thursday, July 8, 2010

One World United Photos LLC - Cape Fear Tournament

Hey all, Just wanted to write about a Rugby Tournament i went to this past weekend.  I must admit it was probably just shy of the best weekend ever!!!  Great time.  I went down with my rugby team.  Nova rugby.  You can check out photos on my site.  It is a featured gallery at

The tournament was massive.  It had two international teams and tons of other folks from every place.  This was a rugby sevens tournament.  Nova represent with four teams.  Two out of our four teams won the divisions.

The players and their dedication always make a great shoot.  They allow for amazing action shots that make the ooo's and aaaa's of any spectators sport pretty great. 

I wanted to mention how incredible the beach was and the place we where staying at.  I was fortunate to stay with my team mates.  While I was not playing sevens with them I was there to support any way possible.  it is something pretty incredible two see our teams come together.  That is the spirit of the sport.  Sportsmanship and teammates make the world go round!

The photos have been pretty incredible.  I took over two thousand photos.  I could not stop it was really crazy how great the light and the folks where.  Over all Amazing weekend.

Come check out the photos and let me know what you think!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

One World United Photos LLC

So this weekend has been pretty great.  I have been blessed lately to get alot of rugby shots.  Always a favorite of mine.  I have also been fortunate to go out and get some country shots of Loudon County VA.

Lets talk about rugby first.  Last weekend was the Nova Battlefield sevens tournament.  Lots of great teams from all around the east coast.  Nova ended up winning alot during this tournament.  We continue to improve and play at the top of our game.  Truly some blessed players.  Nova mens ended up putting one team in the premier and fielded two other teams.  Nova women fielded almost five teams.  While Nova Highschool went in to win it.  The only divison we did not win was the Mens open.  Over all a really great day.  We are on to Cape Fear in Wilmington NC for the fourth weekend.  Should be something pretty incredible.

Next this weekend I was blessed. I was able to get a personal tour through Loudon county.  It is beautiful country side much the same as my home of PA.  Great country, great mountains, great people.  It was pretty incredible day.

Come out to the website. to see the new photos.  Look forward to seeing you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One World United Photos LLC ROAR!!!

Folks, we are LLC.  We have photos, we have products.  I am creating the discount coupons for everyone.  Come check us out it is going well.

It is so odd finally having a real company.  I am now owner and manager of a LLC.  That is something I never have thought of.  The end of the day big world going on.  I hope to capture some of it for you.

CHEERS Let me know what you think of the site and the photos.  Heck purchase some photos ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One World United Updates!`

Hey boys and Girls!!! lots happening, Now I know we always say that, but it is the truth.  We have updated our navigation bar at  We have also updated the about us section.  We will be introducing a new sports gallery to include action shots from various sports.

Other exciting news is that I put in for my LLC privileges today.  Approxmaitly in 15 days or so I will be recieving all of the paper work and then I will be an offical company.  It is a brand new world full of exiting stuff.

Recent photo adventures include going to the Washington National Zoo.  I went with my dear friend Aaron Snider.  We went on a gorgeous Sunday.  We went early morning in hope of capturing the animals being active before the hot noon sun started to bear down upon them.  It was a great day with alot of really good shots.

The new lenses are working out great!!!  It was funny I got a 70-200mm lense.  I have only had it out twice to use once was for the NOVA vs New Haven round 1 of 32 play off match for the national championship.  Then the other time I used it was at the zoo.  Well Stupid me I forgot/did not relize, or just plan did not know that I could zoom in!!!! Imagen my excitement once Aaron pointed it out.  it is great to be humble, it is great to have knowledgeable friends,  it is just great to be blessed.

Well that is enough rambling for me today, but come by One World United Photos and check out the photos.  We wil be waiting!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One World United Photos

Hello all, lots of exciting things have been happening.  It has been hard for me to write about them all.  Lets start with I have new Lenses! Yay!!! I got a telephoto lens and a Macro lens.  Both are pretty incredible.  If you go check out the photos you can see the quality of photograph that is the product of these fine fine items.

So with the great excitement i have developed a problem, well other then being married to my camera, which makes all social events slightly awkward for everyone else.  The problem is that i am so caught up trying to take photos, I have a hard time trying to decide which lens to use.  I take all three of my lenses with me just because I can't have one left out.  So what do you do?  Well I don't know.  I tend to find myself juggling three camera lenses and most likely ending up losing the shot I was going after.  What do other folks do?  I think I will have to correct my problem by just saying I am going out for these shots today.  Carry all my lenses just in case, but only keep one cocked and ready to rock.

The really awesome thing is that with photography from the taking of the shot to the post production it is so awesome.  There are many small things that can be tweaked.  Now I am sitting here trying to start a business selling photo prints (here comes the plug) I am selling them at One World United Photos .  So now I have to start to think ok well these shots I am taking are great, but what makes a shot that some one would want to buy a print of.  I have come up with a whole list of things that make something I would want on my wall, but what do you want?  That is the question.  i am up for suggestions.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Come Visit us!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One World United Photos

Hey All,

It has been alittle bit of time since my last post, but I wanted to talk about my weekend last week.  It was in celebration of Saint Patrick's day.  I was in inner harbor running a 5k race.  It was an amazing day.  We where worried because of the rain, but it turned out to be an amazing day!  My mentor and best friend Aaron Snider was there.  He graciously shot the photos while me and the other folks ran the race.  I had my friends come down from pa to run in the race.  It was a great day.  The shot to the right is a picture Aaron took while waiting to see us run by.

 So then after the race we decided to hit up the aquarium.  It as a great great time there as well.  We managed to see dolphins being trained.  Jelly fish that can kill you and a huge array of fishes and other animals.  It was pretty awesome place.  The Baltimore Aquarium has always been a fav. place of mine.

Jelly Fish Invasion

Lion Fish

Saturday, March 13, 2010

One World United Photos

How is everyone doing?  Really Exciting things happening over here at One World United Photos. 

I just wanted to run down a list of all the things that are happening:

Currently searching for a website ideas. 
Working on redesigning the photo section.  I would like to make this easier for everyone to view and order prints.

We have currently entered into a affiliation program.  This program will allow me to make revenue off of purchases of various photo guides that I post.

Finally, we are now on Twitter!!! You can follow everything going on at our twitter page.

New Photo Projects coming up:  This weekend we are going to Baltimore.  It is the Saint Pats day 5k race.  I hope to capture some photos of inner harbor, and the Saint Pats day activities.

Stay Tuned!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One World United Photos

So something amazing about a camera is that you never truly see the world around you till you look at it on the final picture.  Since I have gotten my lens and started taking pictures, the world has taken a whole different turn.  I have become more passionate about rugby(I play for Nova a D1 Team, next best thing to playing for USA).  I have grown to totally appreciate all the small businesses and the folks out there making it happen.  I have grown with my camera and because of my camera. 

My biggest/hardest thing for me so far is to work on taking casual portraits.  I cannot define for myself what the difference is between taking a picture of a person and violating their space.  Perfect example is when I am on the metro and just looking around me I see all these people.  Their faces tell a story, that no book could ever depict.  I want to capture that, but then those folks may not appreciate that or want me to do that.  So where is the fine line?  I think it is a question that each photographer has to ask him self what he/she feels is acceptable.

Another issue I have been working on is how to market my photos.  I have had folks that want to buy them, but I am not sure what the best forum is to sell them.  Should i go out and buy some prefabbed website and look ghetto in a flashy way.  I always thought that if you can't make it you should not display it.  Which is easy to say, and tough to do.  I have been developing very basic websites for a while, but this one ( I have huge hopes for.  I have been researching various methods that will allow me to sell my photos.  I want to also provide a experince to the consumer that allows them to feel like they are contributing by purchasing my prints.  With that I think I will offer a percentage of the profit to a non profit organization.  I would like it to revolve around the Green Way of life.  Green includes wildlife conservation, developments in alternate energy, and providing food/water/housing for people around the planet.  I want to allow the consumer to pick their non profit organization with their purchase.

I have had all these ideas.  The help of my brother in law and sisters support have really help me see a clear picture.  There really is a whole world out there helping you to make it happen.

Come Check it out and watch us grow and develop at One World United Photos

Saturday, March 6, 2010

One World United Photos

So it has been a few days since my last little talk about shooting pictures, but I wanted to post something today.  I went to the National Botanical Gardens last weekend.  It is a beautiful place. I suggest every one to go to it.  I was a bit intimated about the travel to the place, because I have never been there.  But none should fear I have confidence that even the most directionally challenged can make it to this place easily.  All you have to do is go out to the website  find the suggested metro stop that works for you and then go.  If you get lost who cares because it is right beside the capital building and the mall. Two of the greatest places to shoot photos any way.

So back to the topic, the neatest thing other then all of the crazy hybrid orchids and what not was all the photographers.  Folks from using phones to using really expensive macro cameras to just folks with normal digital photographs.  Now why was this neat, well there you are in a building of people doing the same thing you are doing, but none of the jockeying for your spot.  Every inch of this place was packed with such incredible plants that everyone had a shot they could just spend probably an hour tweaking their settings to get various effects of.  This place had it all as well.  Location set up for Jungle, desert, and then the orchid area.  I mean this place truly was a site to hold.  Apparently they hold classes as well for you to go to.  Most are free, but they do have some pricey ones.  You would have to judge for your self what your price range is, but I think some of them would really be worth wild.

So if anyone is looking for a nice day trip, I highly suggest the National Botanical Gardens down on the mall.   Great place for the whole family.  Tons of information if you are there to learn or if you just want to take pictures it is a nice place to go.  Now be warned I have heard it can be extremely packed, I happen to go on a Sunday morning and it was not to bad.  It opens at 10 and closes at 5, so it will not take up your whole day because they will kick you out. 

Over all great place.  I will be adding this to the list of photo sites on the website.  One World United Photos

Monday, March 1, 2010

One World United Photos

So The last adventure I was talking about was Boiling springs in PA. It really is a great little town. Go there shoot pictures get a slice of pizza from down the street. Historically it is great like most of the little towns of PA that I am familiar with it comes with a past. It has been around for many years and has seen many presidents come and go. Any one looking for a neat time I would suggest looking it up. You can go out to my photography locations page at One World United Photos and give it a peak.

So after this trip i hit a dry spell. A combination of work and getting ready for the rugby season and over all just busy with life. Seeing the Girlfriend often and all that other jazz that comes along with being a productive contribution to society. But I was getting restless with my shots. I would often go out every night and take shots of anything I could find. Bags in trees, christmas lights in my dinning room, or even a glowing ornament that my sister got me. I hunt it from a light and swung that sucker around like crazy. it created Eire images floating through the dark.

It is kind of crazy what a mind will do when trying to be creative.  So many options just laying around your place.  My buddy Aaron got me hooked on the idea of shooting pictures one night when we where at his place. Relaxing chit chatting about old times, and the prospect of new events coming shortly.  Then we took two beer caps and started shooting pictures on his stove.  Something so simple turned out to be great test of what a lens can do and how to execute it in different type of light.  How shadow can effect the shot and how with a prime lens you have to move forward and backward.  We went over the differences between Prim lens and Zoom lens.  The difference in the various functions of the camera.  Boy let me tell you my head was spinning, this camera is like a freaking gateway... like (beware dork about to emerge) it was the freakin stargate.  SO many options and my tiny special educated brain was trying to cope with all of them. I am not sure how long that night we spent, but Bruce"the king" Springsteen and the Big man where blaring in the background.  Those are the kind of times a camera was made for though. To capture those thoughts that our graying minds will someday just forget about.

Come visit One World United Photos

Saturday, February 27, 2010

One World United Photos

When trying to decide where to shoot and what to shoot is always a challenge. When you are a guy with a lens, a camera and a limited budget it becomes even harder.  So I went along with the idea of start small and go from there.  Relying totally on the ideas of my buddy who got me into photography we decided to go to Boiling Springs in PA.  This is a hot spring lake that birds flock to during the winter.  It is a warm oasis from the bone chilling cold of central PA.  I was fortunate enough to be able to use my buddies lens.  A 75-300mm lens.  Great for zooming in and getting a close up of the birds. 

The day was freezing, it was probably about 10 degrees but have to get that shot.  We had to coax the birds out of the water with gifts of food.  It was really entertaining seeing the birds flock for the free food.  All of the birds jockeying for the best food. then almost on queue the the birds would return to the water.
Over all the day was pretty amazing.  Lots of really good shots and the fowl.  Great company great time and great shots.  It is pretty amazing what a camera can do for everyone.

Check out One World United Photos for more photos.

Friday, February 26, 2010

One World United Photos Cont.

So, I just got my camera body had to order my lens.  I start off the night i got my new lens.  It is dark and all I have are the house hold items.  While I look around holding my camera I giddy like a little girl.  First thing I think of is practicing capturing fire, and playing with the light from my indoor lights.

Next, I was thinking why not take shots of my elephant bank.  I go turn on the lights try and practice.  I was playing around with the different settings that exist on the camera ya know the ones on the dial past the pictures.  Changing the settings like shutter speed, light, and api.

I worked with any object I could find.  Using the different light sources in my home.  Adjusting a little here, or there.  Just enough to see the lines blur or the image become lighter or darker by adjusting the api or shutter speed.

Finally, start getting use to how the camera operates and a couple weekends up in PA with my buddy, to soak up all the knowledge and tips I can get.  I borrow a few books from him and read up on that.  I start googling like a mad man trying to find any thing dealing with taking pictures.  The next task is getting out and taking pictures!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One World United Photos

Hello,  my name is Shaun.  I live in Falls Church, VA.  I am pretty new to taking pictures that people want to buy.  I recently purchased my first serious camera, a Canon EOS 40D w/ a 50mm 1.8 lense.

I became involved in photography because of my best friend, he has been taking pictures for years.  His captures are amazing, and I have followed in his shadow for a while.  When he decided to upgrade his camera he offered to sell his camera body.  I jumped at this chance.  The ability to take photos and show the world how I see it was something I always wanted to do.  Not that my point of view is any good, but it is unique enough that a person or two could probably have an interesting conversation for a few hours about.  With the thoughts of photo grandeur on the way, I set out to purchase a lens.  If you have never researched lens, then you may not understand the massive world of knowledge that exist out there.  I was finally able to decide on a good basic lens that every photographer should have.  Canon's 50m 1.8 lens was the winner.

Now I have new lens new camera, time to start taking shots.  I practice with the lens and the camera to figure out what all the little gadgets, settings, and features would do.  It is all rather exciting each time you go to take a shot.  The excitement of finding out what you have finally captured.  So the adventure begins.

All Photos can be seen at One World United Photos, come check it out!!!